Packing & Shipping Workstations

Sort, Pack & Ship – The Ultimate in Ergonomic Efficiency

Efficient packing and shipping receiving workstations play a pivotal role in the smooth and streamlined operations of any logistics or distribution center. These workstations are meticulously designed to optimize the packaging and shipping processes, ensuring accuracy and speed in handling incoming and outgoing goods. Equipped with ergonomic features, these workstations enhance the productivity of warehouse personnel by providing a comfortable and organized workspace.

Packing & Shipping Workstations

Workplace shipping workstations and packing tables are ideal for shipping and receiving departments.

They keep tasks organized and efficient not just at shipping but also in the stockroom. In the lab. On the factory floor. At the incoming inspection station.

When equipped with Direct Drive™ motorized height adjustability, Workplace packing and shipping stations are the ideal ergonomic solution when used by different personnel.



Features, Design Standards and More

Stationary Packing & Shipping Workstation

Kitting, filling, coding, inspecting, wrapping, labeling…Storage dividers above or below the worksurface of integrated in an enclosed unit, keep materials close at hand. Choose Packing Base, Standard or Heavy-Duty platforms. Customize to the exact task with a wide variety of available accessories.

Mobile Packing & Shipping Workstations

Move your Workplace packing table or shipping station to exactly where you need it. Choose mobile packing workstations and shipping tables from either the Standard or Heavy-Duty platforms.

Direct Drive® Packing & Shipping Workstation

Direct Drive motorized height adjustable workstations are the ideal ergonomic workstation. Easily adjusting table top height to fit the exact task at hand is especially important for repetitive tasks such as packing or receiving inspection.