Aerospace & Government

Workstation Configuration Ideas

Using the versatile Workplace modular benches, you can configure workstations that are well-organized and ergonomically correct. Every workstation helps you achieve efficient production and excellent product quality.

Design Ideas – Aerospace & Government

Workstations designed for aerospace and government applications are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent demands of these specialized fields. In the aerospace sector, workstations are engineered to support complex simulations, data analysis, and design tasks essential for aircraft and spacecraft development. These workstations often integrate powerful computing systems, advanced graphics capabilities, and high-performance components to handle intricate simulations and modeling requirements. Security and data integrity are paramount in government applications, and workstations for these settings adhere to strict compliance standards.


A high priority drawer storage need was met with this workstation design, which includes four base cabinets. A corner workstation is paired with a storage workstation to create a 7’x15’x36″ H work center. Solid uprights support the adjustable overtable divider shelves. As the two units are free-standing, they can be moved apart to create a new work environment at any time.


A quarter-quad module stands alone to serve this Engineering Department. Power and overhead storage requirements are met with quad riser modules, cork panels and power. This unit is a spacious 7’x7′.


Hand-held radios are maintained and repaired on this Storage Cabinet-to-Leg Station. The 30″Dx72″Lx30″H unit has a plastic laminate top with post-formed front edge, and is equipped with a fixed riser shelf assembly and a 20-amp wiretrough.


This 30″Dx96″Lx30″H Storage Station was selected for use in a lab environment for calibration of microwave test equipment. A 20-amp wiretrough with five duplex outlets provides a convenient power source.