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Work Surface and Table Top Options

Whether choosing a worksurface to meet a specific task requirement or simply replacing an existing top, Workplace offers a wide selection of materials and colors to meet your needs. To request a sample, complete the form at the bottom of this page. To view workstation metal colors, click here.

Laminate Work Surfaces

  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for general-purpose applications or tasks.
  • 1” thick core is fully covered with plastic laminate surface, backer sheet and PVC edging.
  • Available in round front edge or square edge.

*Chemical resistant laminate available upon request. Please reach out to our Design Specialists for more information.

Neutral Glace

Round Front Edge:
Square Edge:

Gray Glace

Round Front Edge:
Square Edge:

Frosty White

Round Front Edge:
Square Edge:

Fashion Gray

Round Front Edge:
Square Edge:


Round Front Edge:
Square Edge:

Most Wilsonart International Laminate colors are availabe by sepecial order.  

Non-Standard Colors

Round Front Edge

N-S Color: 100-RFE

Square Edge

N-S Color: 100-SQ

ESD Laminate

  • Amino resin laminate dissipates electrical charges- ideal for use where technical devices are manufactured, tested, inspected, or packaged.
  • 1” thick core is fully covered with an ESD plastic laminate surface and backer sheet.
  • Flush mounted ground bolt with 6’ ground wire, (factory installed) requires connection to an earth ground system before use.
  • Bench mount ground for two wrist straps (customer supplied wrist straps); 10″ ground wire included.

ESD White

Round Front Edge:

Square Edge:

ESD Gray

Round Front Edge:

Square Edge:

ESD Black

Round Front Edge:

Square Edge:

Phenolic Resin Work Surfaces

  • 1″ or 3/4″ thick top with slight bevel edge and drip groove on underside of exposed edges.
  • Blend of modified phenolic resins fused under high pressure and heat in molds to form a solid chemical resistant composite.
  • Moderate chemical and heat resistance.

Additional phenoic colors are available by special order. 

Non-Standard Colors

1″ Phenolic
N-S Color: 400-SQ
3/4″ Phenolic
N-S Color: 430-SQ



Phenolic Black

1″ Square Edge:
3/4″ Square Edge

Epoxy Resin Work Surfaces

  • 1″ thick top with chamfer edge and drip groove on underside of exposed edges.
  • Molded from modified epoxy resin that has been compounded and cured to provide optimum physical and chemical resistance required in a heavy-duty laboratory setting.
  • Greatest chemical and heat resistance.

Additonal epoxy colors are available by special order.

Non-Standard Colors


N-S Color: 600-SQ

Epoxy Black

Square Edge

Maple Butcher Block Work Surfaces

  • Ideal for use in industrial and labs with heavy duty applications.
  • 1-3/4″ thick top with radius front and rear edge.
  • Constructed of hard maple and factory finished with Durakul 102 finish, which is non-toxic and repels alcohol, detergents and other solvents.

Maple Butcher Block

Radius Top Edge

Stainless Steel Work Surfaces

  • Easy to clean and corrosion resistant.
  • Ideal for industrial or lab applications, including clean rooms.
  • 18 gauge stainless steel, Type 304, #4 polished finish.
  • Inverted steel pan-type top is placed over a fully sealed 1″ plastic laminate top.
  • 18 gauge stanless steel, Type 316 is acid resistant, #2B finish and available by special order.

Stainless Type 304

Square Edge

Stainless Type 316

Square Edge
Special order

Cold-Rolled Steel Work Surfaces

  • Powder coated to match workstation.
  • Inverted 18 gauge pan-type top is placed over 1″ fiberboard, sealed with a backer sheet on top and bottom.

Cold-Rolled Steel

Square Edge
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