Testing & Repair

Workstation Configuration Ideas

Using the versatile Workplace modular benches, you can configure workstations that are well-organized and ergonomically correct. Every workstation helps you achieve efficient production and excellent product quality.

Design Ideas – Testing, Repair & Service

Workstations designed for testing, service or repair serve as essential hubs in industries where service and maintenance are paramount. These workstations are meticulously configured to accommodate a range of testing and repair tasks across various sectors, including electronics, automotive, and manufacturing. Equipped with specialized tools, diagnostic equipment, and ample workspace, these workstations facilitate the systematic examination, troubleshooting, and restoration of products and components. Whether it’s electronics troubleshooting, automotive diagnostics, or general product repair, these workstations contribute to streamlined processes, ensuring efficiency and precision in identifying and rectifying issues, ultimately supporting the overall quality and reliability of products within the testing and repair domains.


An 8’x10’x30’D work space was specified for the repair and inspection of high vacuum valves. The corner quad unit is equipped with accessories including hanging drawers, a 20-amp wiretrough, adjustable divider shelf, and articulating monitor arm.



A length of nine feet in each direction provided much needed work surgace area for a repair operation. Overhead storage, lighting, and power accessories are concentrated on one wing for intensive repair functions, while the remaining wing is kept open.



The needs of a medical equipment repair department are met with a 36″Dx72″Lx36″H Storage workstation. Accessories include an undertable shelf, keyboard tray, articulating flat screen monitor arm, 15-amp powerstrip, overtable shelves and a light suspension system, mounted to vertical double solid uprights. 



A major consideration for a processing department function was ample storage space. A 14-ft work island was created with double storage cabinets topped with post-formed front edge plastic laminate tops. The row is 30″Dx36″H – perfect for standing work applications. The modular flexibility of Workplace® components provides easy add-on of overtable accessories or reconfiguration of the row.