Education & Training

Workstation Configuration Ideas

Using the versatile Workplace modular benches, you can configure workstations that are well-organized and ergonomically correct. Every workstation helps you achieve efficient production and excellent product quality.

Design Ideas – Education

Workstations designed for education serve as dynamic hubs that play a pivotal role in fostering collaborative learning and technological integration within academic environments. These workstations are tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of students and educators, offering versatile configurations that support various teaching methodologies. Equipped with modern technology, such as interactive displays, audio-visual tools, and connectivity options, education workstations enhance the learning experience by promoting engagement and active participation.


An in-line row of Storage Stations were selected for use as a two-student station for a technical classroom requirement. Panel legs and a rear modesty panel provide a more desk-like appearance while the custom 8″H fixed riser shelf provides an unobstructed view to the instructor. Power needs are satisfied with custom length 15-amp powerstrip.


A student workstation for robotics training is designed with a Standard table of 30″Dx72″L with 30/37″ adjustable height. A fixed riser shelf assembly and powerstrip are located above the table, while a footrest and storage drawer are located beneath the work surface.


A university’s Electrical Engineering Department chose the L-shaped design, combining two Heavy-Duty tables, for use as a soldering station. A fixed riser shelf with power is located on the left of the table, while an assortment of overtable accessories keep materials, tools, and parts organized and within easy reach on the table at the right. Dimensions are 30″Dx72″Lx90″L.


This layout was designed as an instrumentation room for an Environmental Engineering Department. Analytical instruments such as gas chromatography, ion exchange apparatus, and fine scales are located within the highly functional work area. Storage space is considerable within the Storage units with lockable sliding doors and adjustable inner shelf. Overtable fixed riser shelves with power provide additional storage space for smaller instrumentation.