Receiving Your Product

Carrier Terms


All shipments are F.O.B. shipping point, when shipped collect.

If prior arrangements have been made to ship “pre-pay & add”, the FOB point is Destination. When a carrier has not been specified, Workplace will choose the most appropriate mode of transportation.


What to Expect from the Delivering Carrier

If your order is being shipped by a commercial freight carrier, the driver will only unload at your receiving dock.


Additional Services

If delivery notification, lift-gate service, or inside delivery is required, please specify at time of order.


Receiving Information

When The Carrier Arrives

Notify your receiver to check for the proper number of cartons against the bill of lading and to inspect all cartons for obvious damage or shortages and to note these on the Bill of Lading.

CAUTION! When a signature is applied to a delivery receipt without additional information, it is understood by all parties that the goods were received in full and in good condition. This relieves the carrier of further responsibility.

Opening the Containers

Components are not marked with a part number. Use the packing list to cross-reference cartons and product.


Concealed Damage

If concealed damage is discovered after delivery, notify delivery carrier immediately. Do not destroy cartons or packing materials, as these must be made available for inspection by the carrier.

Important! Notification must be made within seven (7) days of receipt of goods to be valid.


Filing a Claim

Workplace will gladly assist you to resolve any damage to or loss of product during transportation. Please call your Design Specialist for assistance. New items to replace damaged or lost items should be ordered on a new purchase order to Workplace Systems.

Do not return damaged items to us. If you require assistance with your claim, please call Workplace at 1-800-258-9700.