StandardPlus Workstations

Vertically Integrated Utilities? No Problem

The StandardPlus Workstation is an optimal choice for workspaces requiring vertically integrated utilities, particularly when utility connectors are situated overhead. This workstation boasts the robust construction, modularity, and ergonomic design that Workplace tables are renowned for. Furthermore, users can enhance productivity, organization, and comfort by choosing from a comprehensive selection of add-on storage options and accessories.

StandardPlus Workstation

Constructed of a blend of 18-gauge furniture grade steel tubing and 14 gauge formed channels, Standard Plus provides 800 pound capacity (evenly distributed).  The upper cross-channel provides lateral stability. The chases are designed to accommodate vertical utility panels, including power, data, and specialty gas services, and can be mounted in one or both chases. The vertical utility chase is seamlessly integrated into the leg design, providing a total height of 80″, and can be used in conjunction with Overhead Service Panels. Manual height adjustability, ranging from 30″ to 37″, adds flexibility to the workspace. Standard Plus Workstations can be configured as standalone units or arranged in back-to-back configurations. A diverse range of sizes, colors, and worksurfaces are available to cater to individual preferences.

More Options for Your StandardPlus

Vertical Utility Panels

Available Utility Panels include two electrical (15A or 20A) receptacles, two data (Keystone data jacks), and/or a two cutout panel to mount service valves for specialty gas connectors.

Overhead Service Panel

Connect electrical, data and service utilities overhead. Knockouts for electrical and data receptacles, 1.25″ round knockouts for specialty gas.


Set table top height manually in one of seven positions between 30″ and 37″ for seated or standing use. Robust engineered design and welded steel frame.

Workplace Experience

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