Innovative Solutions that work for you.

Solving customer applications with a wide range of configurable workstations, workplace products, and accessories.

More than just workstations

Blending functionality, ergonomics, and style – Our workstation products create a space that uniquely fits you.

Durable Workbenches

Solid welded tube frame construction, heavy duty bracing, and work surfaces that hold up to abusive environments and outlasts even the toughest applications.

Modular Workstations

Designed from the ground up to work for you. Our tables and workstations are put together exactly the way you need them to optimize your workspace.

Flexible Workspaces

Choose from a variety of accessories and components to maximize your productivity: lighting, footrests, tool holders, shelving, power, computer peripherals, and more.

Unique Configurable Options

Modular Design

Our workstation solutions are a perfect fusion of innovative ideas, flexible configurations, and deliberate design, addressing the ever-changing requirements of contemporary workspaces. Recognizing the evolving nature of work environments, we acknowledge the need for flexibility and adaptability. Our modular workstation designs embrace this shift, providing adaptable layouts that effortlessly blend into diverse industry setups.

Innovative Spaces

Whether encouraging teamwork through open-concept layouts or supporting focused individual tasks with modular partitions, our solutions prioritize functionality while maintaining aesthetics. Through careful material selection and ergonomic considerations, each product is designed to be visually appealing and promote productivity and employee well-being. Committed to innovation, our workstation concepts aim to create flexible environments that enable organizations to adapt to change and cultivate a culture of efficiency and creativity.

Productivity Hubs

Productivity, efficiency, and comfort are keys to the best working environments. Our workstations are more than just furniture; they’re productivity hubs.

Best-in-Class Solutions

With customizable options, integrated technologies, ergonomic features, and high-quality construction, we ensure that your employees have the tools they need to succeed.

Case Studies

Act Nano

Act Nano used our 4500 series Standard Workstations with minor alterations including a shorter frame and legs, and notched work-surfaces for their uprights.  They also used standard sinks with backsplashes and an epoxy pegboard for their drying racks.


This was a unique project where we ventured from our standard offerings, and customized  a lab sink workstation customized to fit their labspace dimensions.

All units in this configuration are built from our standard platforms.


We designed a purpose built workstation for Biogen that started with our 4500 series standard Workstation and included our mass spectrometer workstation.

We engineered these specifically for their unique instrumentation.