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Workstation Configurations Ideas

Using the versatile Workplace modular benches, you can configure workstations that are well-organized and ergonomically correct. Every workstation helps you achieve efficient production and excellent product quality.

Design Ideas – Research, Development, and Engineering

In research and development (R&D), the design of workstations is crucial for fostering innovation, collaboration, and efficiency. These workstations are meticulously configured to cater to the dynamic and often specialized needs of R&D teams. They feature a combination of modular furniture, ergonomic seating, and adaptable surfaces to accommodate various tasks, from data analysis to prototype development. Thoughtful integration of technology, such as adjustable monitor setups and specialized equipment, enhances the versatility of these workstations. Moreover, collaborative spaces within the configuration encourage idea exchange and teamwork, while private zones provide researchers with focused environments for in-depth analysis. The flexibility of workstation layouts in R&D settings allows for easy reconfiguration as project requirements evolve.


The functionality of the Series 5300 Quad work center line was the basis for the design of this spacious R7D area. Inner leg sections were specified as recessed legs to provide additional leg space. Cutouts with grommets are located at the rear of each corner to accommodate cabling. Although this unit was configured with a minimum of add-on accessories such as the adjustable overtable shelf, they can easily be added at any time in the future.


Comprised entirely of Series 7000 Technician Stations, the Engineering Lab utilizes different cabinet configurations depending on the needs of individual workstation task requiremetns. Center stations are also equipped with a fixed riser shelf assumblies and 20-ampy wiretroughs.


A 7’x7′ Series 5300 Quad work center provides the core of this R&D center. Versatile Mobile-Mate movable storage cabinets move throughout the area as needed, and can be safely and comfortably housed beneath the workcenter, if desired.


This corner unit shows the versatility of the Workplace® product line, by combining the components from the Series 1000 table and the Series 7000 Technician Station line. A single storage cabinet was required for this application, so remaining pedestals were specified as leg sections. Ample power is provided with the 15-amp powerstrips, and additional storage is available with the adjustable overtable shelves.