Power & Lighting

Light, Power, Data, Air – All the Essentials

We offer a vast selection of lighting, power, data and utility accessories to bring your workstation to life. 


Proper lighting over your workstation isn’t just about brightening the room – it’s the key to unlocking focus, reducing eye strain, and enhancing overall productivity.

Adjustable Light System

  • Positions Light Fixture (order separately) over table to assure even light diffusion.
  • May be adjusted to desired height along length of Solid Uprights.
  • Extending horizontal channels allow center point of fixture to be positioned between 14″ and 27″ from rear of worksurface.
  • Tilt brackets allow the operator to position light to its most beneficial setting.
  • Control knobs allow for easy repositioning.

Standard LED Light

  • 4000ºK light with 50,000 hour rated life.
  • Material: 22 gauge cold-rolled steel, lighting grade pre-painted white, approximately 87% reflectivity.
  • Diffuser: Clear ribbed virgin acrylic, 0.062″ thick. Made in USA.
  • Power cord: 18 gauge 3 conductor white SJT with grounded plug; 8′ in length.
  • Lamps: UL-listed line voltage coated glass LED tubes, 15 watts, 1850 lumens each.
  • Fixture available in 24″ and 48″ lengths.
  • Mounts to Adjustable Light System, beneath over table shelving, or to the Tool Trolley System.

High Performance LED Task Light

  • Waldmann WLA LED task light delivers superb light quality and color temperature along with extreme energy-efficiency.
  • 5000K light has 50,000 hour life.
  • 37 Watt light unit delivers 3000 Lumens.
  • Sleek and rugged anodized aluminum housing design.
  • Includes factory-installed switch and 15-amp 9′ power cord.
  • 35.4″ length provides ample lighting for benches up to 72″.
  • Mounts to Adjustable Light System, beneath over table shelving, or to the Tool Trolley System.


Tilt Bracket
  • Allows the operator to direct light to its most beneficial setting.
  • May be added for lighting requirements on over table shelving or to the Tool Trolley System.
  • Control knobs allow for easy tilt adjustment.
Lamp Mounting Bracket
  • Mounts to Solid Uprights.
  • Screw-down bracket accepts lamps/magnifiers with a 1/2″ stud.


Workplace has a wide variety of electrical and data utility options.

  • 15A and 20A Powerstrips
  • Airtrough
  • Configurable Powertrough (Data Port option available)

Electrical options include hospital-grade outlets, 208V and 220V receptacles, and custom-length specialty cords including twist-lock connectors.

Powerstrips and Powertroughs are available in many lengths, including half-sizes.

Power Strips

15A or 20A Powerstrip
  • Compact 2-3/8″H x 1-3/4″D design.
  • Pre-wired with 15-amp or 20-amp/125 volt duplex outlets and combination circuit breaker, pilot light, and on/off switch.
  • Includes factory-installed 9 foot power cord. Twist Lock plug style available.
  • Available in full and half table lengths.
  • Powerstrip may be mounted to Solid Uprights, on brackets, rear of workstation, beneath the unit, or within fixed height shelving.
Hospital Grade Powerstrip
  • Powerstrips may be equipped to meet hospital safety requirements, including Ground-Fault Interrupt (GFI), red heavy-duty hospital-grade outlets built for strength and durability.

Configurable Powertrough

  • Standard configured outlets are UL approved 20-amp 125-volt grounded outlets.
  • Powertrough is 4-5/8”H x 2” D. Flexible design allows for several electrical options including circuit breaker and pilot light, ground fault system or data ports.
  • Equipped with removable covers at each end, where terminal blocks are wired into the circuit. Primary entrance of power source may be made from left or right of trough.
  • An optional 9’L 20-amp power cord may be purchased. Additional lengths and Twist Lock connector may be specified.
  • Data Port option available (consult a Design Specialist for specifics).
  • Powertrough may be mounted to Solid Uprights, on brackets, to rear or beneath unit, or within fixed height shelving.
Frame mounted cord trough

Cord Trough

  • 3″ x 3″ Cord trough with a 2″ x 6″ center access opening that organizes cords and wires.
  • Metal construction, powder-coat finish.
  • Available Standard, Direct Drive or Heavy-Duty workstations.
  • May be mounted to the workstation frame or beneath the unit on leg sections.
Solid back panel with integrated cord management

Solid Back Panel with Integrated Cord Managment

  • Solid back panel with integrated cord management provides privacy and organization of cords and wires.
  • Metal construction, powder-coat finish.
  • Available for Standard, Direct Drive or Heavy-Duty workstations.
  • Mounts to frame of the workstation.


Our overhead service panels seamlessly integrating electrical, gas, air, and data connections, all discreetly accessed from above for a streamlined and functional workstation. The airline manifold system delivers compressed air above or below the worksurface.  

Overhead Service Panel

  • Three standard styles shown above.
  • Configured with knockouts for electrical receptacles or data outlets as well as 1.25“ round knockouts for service fittings (air, gas, vacuum, etc.).
  • Receptacles and service fittings are sold separately.
  • Constructed of 16-gauge metal and designed to fit in a standard 2’ x 2’ ceiling grid.
  • #0006 White is default powder-coat finish; other colors must be specified.
  • Alternative panel layouts (custom engineered) available upon request.


Airline Manifold System
  • Compact 2″D x 2-1/4″H design delivers compressed air at the work surface.
  • Equipped with industrial interchange quick connect fittings.  A quick connect nipple in rear allows fast interconnection to air supply system. An additional quick connect coupler in rear allows inline connection of multiple Airtroughs at adjacent workstations.
  • Maximum working pressure: 125 PSI (at 73°F).
  • Optional interconnect kit available for connecting workstations.
  • Mounts to Solid Uprights, within fixed height shelving or beneath the worksurface.

Mounting Options

Consult with a Design Specialists for assistance with bracket mounting options. 

On Solid Uprights

In Fixed Height Shelving

On Mounting Brackets

Under the Work Surface

On Rear of Workstation