Quality Control

Workstation Configuration Ideas

Using the versatile Workplace modular benches, you can configure workstations that are well-organized and ergonomically correct. Every workstation helps you achieve efficient production and excellent product quality.

Design Ideas – Quality Control

Workstations dedicated to quality control are essential in industries where precision and adherence to standards are paramount. These workstations serve as hubs for meticulous inspection, testing, and verification processes to ensure that products meet defined quality criteria. Equipped with specialized tools, measuring instruments, and testing equipment, these workstations provide quality control professionals with the resources necessary to conduct thorough assessments.


A U-shape configuration makes the most of limited square footage for a test and repair application. Three identical set-ups were provided with adjustable overtable accessories including powerstrips, mounting rails with plastic bins, shelves, and light supsention systems. A hanging drawer case at each station stores small parks and hand tools. The two corner sections provide a buffer zone between stations and additional work surface or storage space for shared access.


A wrap around U-shaped configuration was designed for this application, using two individual quad workstations with quad riser modules and power. As separate units, they may be moved apart at any time. Additional workspace can also be easily added by specifying additional benches to be located between the two corner units.


This lab area for Quality Control features a Quad work center configured with¬† cabinets, providing considerable storage capacity, and a most efficient way to use corner space. Overtable accessories include a light suspension system and a bin rail with parts bins. Overall dimensions are 10’x10′.


A Standard work table proves a suitable foundation for an Inspection Area station. The 30″Dx72″L unit is equipped with an undertable shelf, two storage drawers, an adjustable overtable shelf with back and end stops. In addition, it has a light fixture (under shelf) and articulating arm.


Using the mobile advantage, this Q.C. configuration was designed with the Standard mobile work table. The unit was specified with storage drawers, a pull-out keyboard tray, and a CPU caddy.