Heavy Duty Workstations

When You Need Something Stronger

Crafted with robust materials and a reinforced design, the Heavy Duty Workstation is engineered to withstand heavy use, challenging tasks, and the rigors of industrial applications. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and longevity, providing a steadfast platform for various tools and equipment, especially in industrial environments where a workstation is subject to heavy use.

Heavy duty workstation

Heavy Duty Workstation

With ample 1,500 Lb evenly-distributed weight-bearing capacity and resilient surfaces, the heavy-duty workstation is well-suited for tasks that require strength and durability. Designed to meet the needs of professionals in physically demanding industries, the heavy-duty workstation is a symbol of resilience, ensuring a steadfast foundation for productivity in any rugged work environment. Whether used in manufacturing, workshops, or other high-impact settings, this workstation can handle the toughest challenges.

Stationary Heavy Duty Workstation

Full-perimeter tube frame completely supports the worksurface. Constructed of 2″x2″, square 18-gauge, furniture grade steel tubing. Height adjustable, including 3/4″± adjustment range leg levelers. An additional ribbed rubber pads prevent skidding.

Mobile Heavy Duty Workstation

Mobility makes equipment and materials easily accessible to multiple work areas. With a wide range of caster options to choose from, and a Mobile Retrofit Kit to convert existing stationary workstations.

Heavy Duty Corner Workstation

Corner Workstation

Adjustable work height from 30″-37″ or 35″ – 42″. A single leg section ties two adjoining tables together providing a more maneuverable work area. Starter and wing units are available in 3′, 4’, 5’ or 6’ lengths and may be equipped with Legs, Cabinets, or a combination of both.

Heavy Duty InLine Workstation

In-Line Workstation

Attractive streamlined appearance, ties in with an unlimited number of workstations of varying lengths and can be configured in-line for a long, gap-free worksurface for tasks such as assembly. Each section of the row may be customized with accessories.

Heavy Duty Cab Leg Workstation

Configured with a single cabinet, a single leg section, and a durable full-perimeter frame, the cabinet to leg workstation is designed for work related tasks that require flexible storage and desk space combined into one system and rugged enough for the toughest applications.  May be configured as a stationary unit, corner or in-line in a variety of legs and cabinets.

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