Quick Ship CPU Caddy

To order a Quick Ship Workstation and/or accessories, please specify model # and color code (if applicable).

CPU Caddy

  • The adjustable CPU Caddy may be mounted on Heavy-Duty Workstation Leg Sections or beneath most Workplace Frames (except Packing & Shipping Stations).  Please advise how unit will be mounted so that appropriate brackets are recommended and supplied.
  • Accepts vertical CPUs from 13″ to 22″H and up to 8-1/4″ wide. 

Model No. 


Brackets for Mounting CPU Caddy

Model No.






24″D Frame mount bracket

30″D Frame mount bracket

36″D Frame mount bracket

Leg Mount Bracket (Heavy-Duty)

  • To mount CPU Caddy from workstation frame, order the Frame Mount Bracket that matches table depth.
  • To hang CPU from a Heavy-Duty workstation Leg Section, order the Leg Mount Bracket.