Cabinet Workstations

Efficiency Redefined.

The cabinet-style design of these workstations not only enhances the visual appeal of the workstation but also contributes to a clutter-free workspace, promoting efficiency and productivity. Whether used in offices, laboratories, or educational institutions, these workstations offer a comprehensive solution, ensuring that essential items are within arm’s reach while maintaining a neat and professional aesthetic.

Single Mobile Cabinet next to a double mobile cabinet.

Base Cabinets

Choose from our wide selection of base cabinet widths, heights and depths to construct the perfect cabinet workspace to meet your unique requirements. Offered in both stationary and mobile and configure as in-line or corner stations.  

In-Line Cabinet Workstation

An unlimited number of workstations of varying lengths may be configured in-line for a long, gap-free worksurface for tasks such as cable assembly. Each section of the row may be customized with accessories.

Corner Cabinet Workstation

Maximize corner space utilizing an L-shape (corner) configuration constructed from a combination of cabinets and legs to form a functional workspace.

Mobile Cabinet to Cabinet Workstation

Cabinet to Cabinet Workstation

The Cabinet-to-Cabinet Workstation provides significant drawer storage in a space-saving single unit design. Make portable by adding a mobile base and casters.  

Cabinet to Leg Workstation - Standard Platform

Cabinet to Leg Workstation

This unit is configured with a single cabinet, a leg section, and a durable full-perimeter frame to fully support the worksurface.

Mobile Banked Cabinet with Spacers

Banked Cabinet Workstation

The Banked-Cabinet Workstation combines ample storage capacity with an attractive appearance. Configurations may range from as few as four feet to more than fifty feet.

More Options for Cabinet Space

Sink Cabinet with faucet

Sink Cabinets

Choose from a large selection of sink cabinet options for labs, educational, or R&D facilities. Specify sink and faucet size and style with your Design Specialist when configuring the unit.

Wall Mounted Cabinets

Maximize your storage of lab supplies, tools, or equipment with wall-mounted cabinets. Featuring a variety of heights and depths.

Banked Storage with accessories


Compliment your Cabinet Workstations with ergonomic chairs, and a wide range of accessories to create the perfect task environment.

Workplace Experience

Learn more about the Workplace experience. Our hands-on approach ensures you have the perfect product to fit your needs.