In the pursuit of creating environments that foster productivity and organization, the foundation of your workspace emerges as a critical factor.  Among the diverse array of platforms that Workplace® offers, there’s a unanimous preference among customers: The Standard Platform Workstation.  What sets this platform apart isn’t just its sleek and simple design, but its exceptional adaptability and steadfast durability.  However, the journey from the foundational Standard Platform Workstation to the evolutions of StandardPlus and Direct Drive® is fueled by the specific needs of users and the dynamics of their workspaces.

Simplicity Meets Efficiency

The allure of the Standard Platform Workstation lies in its refined straight-leg design, a feature that not only enhances visual aesthetics but optimizes both seating arrangements and ergonomic considerations. By making strategic use of the space both within, on, and around the work area, this design harmoniously blends form and function. The result is a perfect workspace, conducive for high output.

Thus, the Standard Platform Workstation is a direct representation of simplicity and efficiency, making it the ideal choice for those seeking an attractive, reliable, and versatile workstation.

Building on the foundational features above, the Standard Workstation can be configured in a variety of ways to flawlessly align with your specific application or layout needs:

  • Mobile: Choose from a variety of caster options for effortless mobility between work areas.
  • Corner: Maximize corner space by integrating two connecting table systems.
  • In-Line: Achieve a seamless, uninterrupted work area of any length by configuring multiple workstations and/or worksurfaces.
  • Dual-Sided: Ideal for tasks where one or multiple users require access to both sides of the table.


Customization forms the bedrock of all Workplace products, and the Standard Platform Workstation is no exception. With a wide selection of sizes, colors, and work surfaces to choose from, this platform can seamlessly adapt to unique work environments. Enhancing its flexibility are supplementary accessories and storage options that not only boost productivity, but also play a pivotal role in reducing work-related injuries.


Choosing a Standard Platform Workstation is investing not only in the present, but also in the future. Its modular and flexible design ensures its relevance year after year. Constructed robustly with 2X2” square 18-gauge furniture-grade steel tubing, it serves as a testament to its long-lasting durability. The rugged frame, complemented by the sway brace, guarantees unwavering support for the work surface, addressing concerns of sagging or warping. Integrated welding brackets simplify the process of adding drawers and storage as needed. Finally, the adjustable legs, which can be moved in increments of 1.5”, along with an additional ¾” precision adjustment through leg levelers, grant you the ability to finely tune the work height to your exact preferences.


Enable good ergonomics when different people are using the workstation.

The StandardPlus Workstation introduces an added level of functionality to the Standard Platform Workstation through vertically integrated utilities – an ideal solution forworkspaces with overhead connection points.  Building on the ergonomic and robust foundation, the StandardPlus features an upright chase design, acting as a vertical hub for utility panels. This design ensures unobstructed access to power (15A or 20A), data, and specialized air/gas services. The incorporation of an upper cross-channel enhances lateral stability, complementing its 80” height.

  • Back-to-Back: Notched worksurfaces wrap around the leg chase design, creating a gap-free work area.  

The StandardPlus Workstation combines functionality with aesthetics while establishing new benchmarks for utility integration.


Driving Innovation

The Direct Drive® Workstation, a pinnacle of automated height adjustability, redefines ergonomic excellence when combined with the core design principles of the Standard Platform.

The inspiration of the Direct Drive Workstation lies in its innovative design.  Each leg houses a high-torque motor powering a precision lift screw mechanism. This design guarantee’s reliability and maintains the workstation’s position even in power-off scenarios.  Beyond its automation, the Direct Drive Workstation boasts 14“of height adjustability, a static load capacity of 500 Lbs., and multiple configuration options.

  • Mobile: Effortlessly engage or disengage casters at the press of a button.
  • Corner: Merge two Direct Drive tables to optimize corner spaces.
  • In-Line: Integrate multiple workstations to forge an expansive work area.
  • Dual-Sided: Save floor space while accommodating multiple users in shared spaces.

The Direct Drive Workstation embodies a combination of technology, ergonomics, and adaptability, revolutionizing your work experience.

The Standard Platform Workstation and its various iterations stand as a testament to versatility, durability, and innovative design.  With its straight-leg design, configuration possibilities, and user-centric approach, it transforms your space into one of productivity, organization, and enhanced ergonomics.  An investment in the Standard Platform is one that will endure against time and evolving needs.