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With Post-Formed Front Edge or Standard Front Edge

The 1-1/16” thick Plastic Laminate Top features an easy-to-clean surface for many general purpose applications. A core of 1” dimensionally stable fiberboard is covered with a plastic laminate surface sheet and PVC edging. In addition, a plastic laminate backer sheet of approx. .020” thickness covers the underside of the core stock and ¼-20 metal inserts are located in the underside of the tops for ease of fastening to many of the Workplace frames. The resulting top is a well-balanced, long-lasting work surface.

To specify a standard color Plastic Laminate Top, please use the following codes:

ColorPost-Formed Front
Edge Order Code
Standard Edge
Order Code
Grey GlacePL-02PFPL-02SQ
Frosty WhitePL-03PFPL-03SQ

*Most Wilsonart International plastic laminate colors are available. Please call 1-800-258-9700 for assistance.


Phenolic Resin Tops provide a homogeneous blend of modified phenolic resins fused together under high pressure and heat in specially designed thermoset press molds to form a solid black chemical resistant composite throughout the entire thickness of the top.

Tops are 1” in thickness with a drip groove provided on the underside of the exposed edges.

Note: Silicone adhesive is supplied to mount Top.

To specify a Phenolic Resin Top, please use the following code:

ColorOrder Code

*Additional Phenolic Resin Top colors are available by request. Please call 1-800-258-9700 for assistance.


The 1-3/4” thick Maple Tops are constructed of the finest hard maple, fully cured and kiln-dried. The tough butcher-block construction includes placing the laminations on edge and bonding into a single self-supporting solid panel. Front and rear of the maple top have a ¼” radiused beveled edge.

The Maple Tops may be refinished by sanding. Tops are coated with a Durakryl 102 finish. This rugged acrylic is highly resistant to water, alcohol, detergents, and other solvents.

Note: Please state if end use is to be for food service or preparation.

To specify a Maple Top, please use the following code:

ColorOrder Code