Ergonomic Motorized Height Adjustability.
Multiple Configurations. Massive Flexibility.

Direct Drive™ Height Adjustable Workstations

The Workplace Direct Drive Workstation is the ideal ergonomic solution—especially when used by multiple personnel.

Its unique design uses a high-torque motor driving a precision lift screw mechanism enclosed in each leg, offering superb maintenance-free reliability with no loss of position—even when power is off.

The Direct Drive motorized workstation is available in stationary, mobile, in-line, or corner configurations and accommodates the same wide variety of accessories as Workplace’s manually height adjustable workstations.

Direct Drive™ Height Adjustable Standalone Workstation

Stationary Direct Drive Workstation

Direct Drive workstations offer 14 inches of height adjustability in two standard ranges with a 500 pound static load weight capacity. Configure using 8 popular lengths and 3 popular depths or call for other size requirements.

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Direct Drive™ mobile height adjustable workstation

Mobile Direct Drive Workstation

When configured as a mobile workstation, equipment and materials are easily accessible as needed in multiple work locations. Stationary workstations can easily be converted to mobile at any time.

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In-Line Workstations

Two workstations of varying lengths may be configured in-line for a long, gap-free worksurface for tasks such as cable assembly. Each section of the row may be customized with accessories.

Corner and L-Shaped Workstations

An additional motorized leg section ties two adjoining tables together, providing a more maneuverable work area.  Add left or right wing units, available in 3′, 4’, 5’ or 6’ lengths. Each wing may be customized with accessories.

All critical components are fully enclosed in each Leg Unit.

Motorized Leg Sections and High Torque Motor

All critical components are fully enclosed in each leg section, ideal for use in industrial, lab, or clean room environments. Each leg section houses a maintenance free, high torque motor. A central controller ensures that all legs remains synchronized at the same height.

Low pitch lead screws ensure stability even when power is off

Low Pitch Lead Screws

The Direct Drive mechanism features a low pitch lead screw design providing unparalleled stability. The height of the worksurface remains locked in place even if power is lost.

Direct Drive™ workstations feature a wide range of accessories

Accessories & Seating

Direct Drive workstations accommodate the same wide range of over-table and under-table accessories as manually height adjustable workstations.


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Colors & Worksurfaces

A variety of available worksurface materials satisfy every task requirement.

Ten standard metal colors in durable, environmentally friendly powder-coat finish.

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Value-Added Services

A dedicated Workplace Design Specialist works with you from configuration and quote to life-of-the-product service. Available services include assembly and installation.

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  • Full perimeter frame provides all-around support of work surface.
  • Front-mounted up-down switch may be located at left, center, or right front of table in most instances. Limit switches are internally built into the motor, controlling upper and lower ends of travel. As the table must be power driven down, the possibility of free-fall is virtually eliminated.
  • Adjustment Range: 14 inches travel available in two standard ranges.
  • Load Capacity: 500 pound static load capacity per stationary or mobile workstation. In-line and corner configurations with three leg sections increases load capacity to 750 pounds.
  • Stability and Synchronization: The unique Direct Drive mechanism features a low pitch leadscrew design providing unparalleled stability—and eliminates maintenance. The height of the worksurface remains firmly locked in place even when power is lost.
  • Configurability: The Direct Drive design allows extensive configuration flexibility: standalone, in-line, corner, mobile workstations. Accommodates the same range of accessories as Workplace manually height adjustable workstations.
  • Reliability: All critical components fully enclosed in each leg unit, ideal for use in industrial, lab, or clean room environments.


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