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The Workplace Light Mounting System is an ideal solution for mounting lighting and other overhead accessories.

The System may also be used for selected undertable accessories.

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Adjustable Light System

  • Positions Light Fixture (sold separately) over table to assure even light diffusion.
  • May be adjusted to desired height along length of Solid Uprights (sold separately).
  • Extending horizontal channels allow fixture to be moved closer to the front of workstation if needed.
  • Tilt-action feature allows operator to position light to most beneficial setting.
  • Control knobs allow for easy repositioning.

Light Fixtures

  • Durable, attractive fixture features electronic ballast.
  • White enamel paint finish.
  • Includes factory-installed switch and 15-amp 9′ power cord.
  • Mounts to Light Suspension System (sold separately) or beneath Overtable or Fixed Riser Shelf.  Available in 48″ or 24″.  Choose 24″ Fixture for 48″ or less shelf.
  • Light Fixtures are shipped without lamps. T-8 lamps are required for electronic ballast.
  • LED Light Tubes available upon request.

Tool Trolley System

  • Keeps tools off the worksurface, yet within easy reach.  Helps eliminate tool damage due to accidentally dropping them.
  • Adjustment features include vertical adjustment along length of Solid Uprights (sold separately) plus horizontal adjustment from front to rear of Table.
  • 4-wheel trolleys are sold separately and individually.
  • Optional Transition Bracket is also available to mount Light Fixture to Tool Trolley System.

Tilt Bracket

  • The highly flexible Tilt Bracket may be used with the Light Suspension System and the Tool Trolley System.
  • Tilt Bracket may also be used for under-shelf lighting applications.

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Configure your Workplace workstation or workbench to fit your requirements exactly with an extensive range of add-on accessories.


How to Order

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