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To Order, Please Specify Model No. + Color Code

Undertable shelf

Model No. | Description

N3020 | 12″D x 48″L

N3021 | 12″D x 60″L

N3022 | 12″D x 72″L

N3034 | 18″D x 48″L

N3035 | 18″D x 60″L

N3036 | 18″D x 72″L

  • All-metal construction; flanged 2″ on all sides.
  • Shelves are prepunched to accept optional Back & End Stops.
  • Use Bracket Mount P/N 3016 to secure shelf to crossbar.
  • Mounts Heavy-Duty Mobile Workstation with Mobile Plates (sold separately).


Mobile shelf plate for mobile workstations

Model No. | Description

1250 | for 12″D Shelf

1251 | for 18″D Shelf

  • Order one pair of shelf plates when mounting Undertable Shelf to Heavy-Duty Mobile Workstations.

How to Order

It’s the human touch that matters. That’s why you’ll want to connect with one of our Design Specialists Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.