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Storage Drawers

To Order, Please Specify Model No. and Color Code.

  • Equipped with all steel ball-bearing drawer slides for increased precision movement and minimal sideplay.
  • Wire pull handles of solid brass with polished chrome finish.
  • 100% full-extension slides provide maximum utility of drawer space.
  • All drawers are housed within a case; drawer cases may be tiered.

16″ Small Drawer in Case

(Drawer: 2-13/16″H x 13-3/4″W x 20-1/2″L)
(Case: 4-1/4″H x 16-3/8″W x 22-1/2″L)

16″ Medium Drawer in Case

(Drawer: 5-1/4″H x 13-3/4″W x 20-1/2″L)
(Case: 7-3/16″H x 16-3/8″W x 22-1/2″L)

16″ Large Drawer in Case

(Drawer: 11-5/8″H x 13-3/4″W x 20-1/2″L)
(Case: 13″H x 16-3/8″W x 22-1/2″L)

File Drawer Insert

16″ Two Small Drawers in Case

(Case: 7-3/16″H x 16-3/8″W x 22-1/2″L)

16″ Two Medium Drawers in Case

(Case: 13″H x 16-3/8″W x 22-1/2″L)

16″ Two Small and One Medium Drawers in Case

(Case: 13″H x 16-3/8″W x 22-1/2″L)

16″ Four Small Drawers in Case

(Case: 13″H x 16-3/8″W x 22-1/2″L)

Brackets for Mounting Drawers

Standard Brackets
Model No. | Table Depth

3121 | 24″

3122 | 30″

3123 | 36″

Heavy-Duty Brackets
Model No. | Table Depth

3121HD | 24″

3122HD | 30″

3123HD | 36″

  • Standard Brackets are recommended for light to medium weight loads.
  • Use Heavy-Duty Brackets for heavier weight loads, or when multiple Drawer Cases are being tiered.

Drawer Mats

Drawer Mat

Model No. | Description

3520-5 | Set of 5 Mats for 20-1/2″D drawers

3521-5 | Set of 5 Mats for 26-1/2″D drawers

Drawer Dividers

Available in Silver Gray Finish Only.

Drawer Dividers

Model No. | Description

3510 | Starter Kit for 20″D Drawers

3511 | Starter Kit for 26″D Drawers

3515-5 | Horizontal Divider (set of 5)

3516-10 | Small Vertical Dividers 3-3/4″L (set of 10)

3517-10 | Large Vertical Dividers 5-3/4″L (set of 10)

How to Order

It’s the human touch that matters. That’s why you’ll want to connect with one of our Design Specialists Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.