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To Order, Please Specify Model No. and Color Code.

Solid Uprights

Model No. | Length

3000-03 | 36″

3000-04 | 48″

3000-05 | 60″

  • Formed channel construction, Solid Uprights are designed to accept a wide variety of Workplace overtable accessories.
  • Front is perforated in 3″ increments.  Uprights bolt directly to rear of prepunched Leg Sections.
  • Note that 9″ of Solid Upright is required for fastening to Leg Section.  Deduct 9″ from length of Upright for available length above worksurface.
  • Stiffener Plate recommended for use on stand-alone upright.
  • Please advise how Solid Uprights are to be mounted so that the appropriate brackets are specified.

How to Order

It’s the human touch that matters. That’s why you’ll want to connect with one of our Design Specialists Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.