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“Quick-Ship” does not mean
“buy what we have on hand.”

Standard Workstation PlatformWe ship Quick-Ship workstation and accessories in less than 14 days after receipt of your order.

Configure the bench or table you need from our large selection of platforms, components, and accessories.

Order your Quick-Ship mobile or stationary adjustable-height workstation in any of our ten standard colors, and three available tops—and still get it fast.


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QuickShip workstations ARE available in ten standard colors.
Click ON image for details.

Mobile Standard Workstation

The Mobile Standard Workstation is the ultimate portable workstation for factory, lab, or office.

Stationary Standard Workstation

The Standard Workstation features an attractive straight-leg design that optimizes seating space.

Mobile Heavy-Duty Workstation

Its 1500 pound capacity makes the Mobile Heavy-Duty Workstation perfect for moving heavy equipment around on the factory floor.

Stationary Heavy-Duty Workstation

Ruggedness and versatility make it the ideal workstation for industrial environments where a workstation is subject to heavy use.



With Post-Formed Front Edge or Standard Front Edge

The 1-1/16” thick Plastic Laminate Top features an easy-to-clean surface for many general purpose applications. A core of 1” dimensionally stable fiberboard is covered with a plastic laminate surface sheet and PVC edging. In addition, a plastic laminate backer sheet of approx. .020” thickness covers the underside of the core stock and ¼-20 metal inserts are located in the underside of the tops for ease of fastening to many of the Workplace frames. The resulting top is a well-balanced, long-lasting work surface.

To specify a standard color Plastic Laminate Top, please use the following codes:

ColorPost-Formed Front
Edge Order Code
Standard Edge
Order Code
Grey GlacePL-02PFPL-02SQ
Frosty WhitePL-03PFPL-03SQ

Phenolic Resin


Phenolic Resin Tops provide a homogeneous blend of modified phenolic resins fused together under high pressure and heat in specially designed thermoset press molds to form a solid black chemical resistant composite throughout the entire thickness of the top.

Tops are 1” in thickness with a drip groove provided on the underside of the exposed edges.

To specify a Phenolic Resin Top, please use the following code:

ColorOrder Code



The 1-3/4” thick Maple Tops are constructed of the finest hard maple, fully cured and kiln-dried. The tough butcher-block construction includes placing the wooden maple rails on edge and bonding into a single self-supporting solid panel. Front and rear of the maple top top have a ¼” radiused beveled edge.

The Maple Tops may be refinished by sanding. Tops are coated with a Durakryl 102 finish. This rugged acrylic is highly resistant to water, alcohol, detergents, and other solvents.

Note: Please state if end use is to be for food service or preparation.

To specify a Maple Top, please use the following code:

ColorOrder Code

Workplace Modular Systems metal products feature a highly durable, environmentally friendly powder-coat finish.


WHITE | Color Code: 0006
OYSTER | Color Code: 0150
SILVER GRAY (Semi-Metallic) | Color Code: 0002
TAN | Color Code: 0001
CHATEAU BLUE| Color Code: 0015
MERCURY BLUE | Color Code: 0100
NAVY BLUE | Color Code: 0900
BURGUNDY | Color Code: 0950
BLACK WRINKLE (Textured Finish) | Color Code: 0400
BLACK (Semi-Gloss) | Color Code: 0018

Actual product color may vary significantly from colors shown above due to color calibration and resolution of viewer monitors. For best color accuracy, please call Workplace at 1-800-258-9700 to request sample metal color chips.

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