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To Order, Please Specify Model No. and Color Code.

Computer Caddy

Model No.



  • Adjustable CPU Caddies may be hung from Heavy-Duty Workstation Leg Sections or mounted beneath most Workplace Frames (except Packing & Shipping Stations).  Please advise how unit will be mounted so that appropriate brackets are recommended and supplied.
  • Accepts vertical CPUs from 13″ to 22″H and up to 8-1/4″wide.

Brackets for Mounting CPU Caddy

Model No. | Description

3132-24 | 24″D Frame Mount Bracket

3132-30 | 30″D Frame Mount Bracket

3132-36 | 36″D Frame Mount Bracket

3127-LB | Leg Mount Bracket

  • To mount CPU Caddy from workstation frame, order the Frame Mount Bracket that matches table depth.
  • To hang CPU from a workstation Leg Section, order the Leg Mount Bracket.

How to Order

It’s the human touch that matters. That’s why you’ll want to connect with one of our Design Specialists Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.