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Need a Workstation for a specific application?

Are you trying to find a workstation solution for a specific task or application? But “standard” product offerings simply don’t match your needs.

Don’t give up, you’ve come to the right place

Tell us what you need.
We’ll work with you.

We’ve adapted hundreds of our workstation components to provide customers with a designed-for-the-purpose solution.

A purpose built solution from Workplace typically includes some level of engineering that leverages the basic product and large selection of accessories.

Workplace — The Purpose Built Experts.

The Purpose Built Collaboration Process

The key to purpose built is collaboration between you, the customer, and Workplace.

A Design Specialist coordinates with the customer and Workplace engineering to transform the application requirement into reality on your floor.

Case Histories: Actual Purpose Built Solutions

Workplace responds to a specific customer need with a purpose-built solution based on a platform, a wide range of accessories, and integrated engineering. Check out just a few recent solutions below by clicking on a tile.

CASE 1: Addressing Worker Safety and Ergonomics

Customer Requirements:

A manufacturer of orthopedic devices had two main objectives:

1. Safe work environment for the grinding and polishing process. 

  • Effective removal of particulates and dust.
  • Ensure that pneumatic tool hoses are kept off the work area.

2. Provide optimum ergonomics.

  • Adjustable height workstation to accommodate workers with different heights and reaches.
  • Adequate task lighting.

Purpose Built Solution:

1. A safe working environment.

  • A stainless-steel downdraft grate on the worksurface connects to a central dust collection system.
  • Compressed air connectors housed within the structural frame reduce hose interference.

2. Ensure worker ergonomics.

  • Direct Drive™ Adjustable Height Workstation
  • Adjustable task & precision LED lighting
  • Safety Panel, Casters, 20A Power

Case 2: A Bi-level Solution for Working on Large Assemblies

Customer Requirements:

Improve ergonomics and mobility for large engine assembly.

1. Easy access to add parts to subassemblies.

  • Two level workstation with ability to pull out lower tray.
  • Both levels must each support up to 250 pounds.
  • Design for ease of worker use and safety.

2. Able to store and transport heavy subassemblies.

  • Move entire workstation easily without obstructions on frame.

Purpose Built Solution:

1. An engineered bi-level ergonomic workstation with lower tray system.

  • Full depth lower tray with an anti-tip floor lock.
  • Raised grab bars eliminate kneeling when pulling out lower tray.
  • Workstation and tray design meet weight requirements.

2. Mobility ease.

  • Standard workstation with fixed height leg sections.
  • Heavy duty total lock casters
  • Ergonomic handle mounted to side framework keeps work areas unobstructed and easy to move.

Case 3: Increase Surface Area With a Flip-Top Clean Room Bench.

Customer Requirements:

Maximize use of space within a clean room lab for inspecting various sized materials used in bioprocessing production:

1. Vary worksurface area depending on size of products.

2. Accommodate a variety of worker height and reaches.

3. Easy to move out of the way when not in use.

Purpose Built Solution:

1. Flip-up sides provide usable work areas in 3 sizes.

  • Workstation doubles in size with both sides engaged.
  • Durable, corrosion and acid resistant stainless steel type 316.

2. Ergonomic and Mobile

  • Direct Drive™ Adjustable Height workstation ideal for multiple workers.
  • Casters make is easy to move table.
  • 12′ power cord with storage brackets.


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