Workstations designed for a specific application.

“Purpose-built” does not mean “custom-built from the ground up.”

A purpose-built workstation includes a level of engineering using a base platform and a unique combination of accessories to adapt it to a specific use.

A purpose-built workstation is still completely recognizable as the standard product on which it is based.

Purpose-built ball transfer worksurface

The Purpose Built Collaboration Process

A Design Specialist coordinates with the customer and Workplace engineering to transform the application requirement into reality on the customer’s floor.

Case Histories: Purpose Built Solutions

Workplace responds to a specific customer need with a purpose-built solution based on a platform, a wide range of accessories, and integrated engineering. Check out just a few recent solutions below by clicking on a tile.

CASE 1: Addressing Worker Safety and Ergonomics

The Challenge:

This manufacturer of orthopedic devices had two objectives:

  1. Optimum ergonomics.
    • Adjustable height workstation to accommodate workers with different heights and reaches.
    • Adequate task lighting.
  2. Safe work environment for grinding and polishing process. 
    • Effective removal of particulates and dust.
    • Keep pneumatic tool hoses off the work area.
Purpose-built downdraft workstation with accessories

The Solution:

  • Platform: Direct Drive™ Adjustable Height Workstation
  • What Workplace Engineered:
    • Opening in the phenolic tabletop with a stainless-steel downdraft grate connected to the company’s central dust collection system
    • Quick-disconnect compressed air connectors built into the structural frame to reduce hose interference.
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Safety panel
    • Adjustable task lighting
    • Document holder
    • Threaded stem casters

Case 2: Workstation With a High Weight Capacity Pull Out Tray

The Challenge:

Requirement: A mobile workstation used to form modular subassemblies for jet engines.

  • A pull out tray below the worksurface that supports up to 250 pounds
  • Worker safety: ensure the loaded pull out tray does not cause the workstation to tip forward.
  • Ergonomics: Be able to pull out the lower tray without requiring the worker to kneel on floor.
  • Ergonomics: Be able to move the entire workstation easily.

The Solution:

  • Platform: Fixed height Mobile Standard Workstation with phenolic top, metal tray surface, and foam strips  to protect product being assembled.’
  • What Workplace engineered:
    • Full depth lower sliding tray with anti-tip floor brake.
    • Ergonomic grab bars eliminate need for user to kneel down to pull tray.
    • Ergonomically positioned handle to ease moving the workstation.
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Heavy duty casters

Case 3: Increase Work Area With a Flip-Top Workbench Used in Clean Room.

The Challenge:

  • Assembling bioreactor components in a cleanroom environment.
  • Adjustable height workstation to accommodate workers with different heights and reaches.
  • Need larger work area when larger units are being assembled.
  • Ability to reduce worksurface area when not in use to reduce space.
  • Require bench mobility.
Purpose-built flip-top worksurface

The Solution:

  • Platform: Direct Drive™ Adjustable Height Workstation
  • What Workplace Engineered:
    • Flip-up sides effectively doubles work surface area.
    • 316 stainless worksurface for increased durability and corrosion resistance.
    • Provision for coiling power cord.
    • Provides compact storage when bench is not in use.
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Threaded stem casters
    • Extended length power cord


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