Tool Carts & Caddies

Industrial grade, modular tool organization

Our industrial grade, modular tool organization system  allows for efficiency in your workspace. The rolling design with swivel double locking casters keeps your tools within easy reach and uses both sides of the workstation.

Dual Sided Tool Panel

Impressive and sturdy mobile tool carts and tool panel walls makes working on projects a breeze. Keep your tools organized with our dual sided slat panel tool wall which can be rotated 360° and is made from high-quality extruded aluminum. Load capacity of 700 lb. The front and rear can be kitted with tools needed for a specific task. 540 mm-wide groove plates provide the space you need to mount and arrange a wide selection of hooks, holders, parts containers and more.

Mobile Tool Cart

In addition, our versatile mobile tool carts are the perfect compliment to any job requiring your tooling needs. Made of clear anodized aluminum extrusion with a telescopic gas spring column and a lifting force of 45 lb, you wont find a more capable mobile tool cart to meet your demanding work needs. Load rating per shelf is 110 lb, and load rating of castors is 700 lb.

Efficiency Improved

The tools you need for your specific project, all within arms reach for easy access and organization. 

Enhanced Space

No need to lug an entire tool box around, set up these mobile tool carts for your specific tasks for the project you are working on that day. Easy to fit up for unique tasks.


Take your mobile tool cart or tool panel board wherever you need it. Easy access to both sides, rotates 360° and placed on swivel castors with double-brake to ensure safety. 


The height adjustable telescopic tool cart reduces strain on your back by adjusting to the working height you need for your specific project.

Workplace Experience

Learn more about the Workplace experience. Our hands-on approach ensures you have the perfect product to fit your needs.