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Workplace industrial furniture, benches, and workstations are at home in every task environment.

Whether it’s a heavy duty workbench for manufacturing, a packing station, instrument table, or lab workstation there’s a configuration that fits perfectly.

Laboratory and R&D

Workplace laboratory workstations, lab workbenches, and lab tables meet the rigorous operational requirements of science, hospital, biotech, and product development laboratories.

Manufacturing and Assembly

Workplace has the proven workbench solution for the factory floor, the machine shop, and for mechanical or electronic assembly, as well product repair.

Packing and Shipping

One of our most popular configurations, Workplace packing tables & shipping workstations are perfect for efficient incoming inspection or packaging and shipping operations.

Storage and Instrumentation

Workplace storage and instrument workstations provide the perfect base in the hospital, biotech, and R&D lab or classroom for every type of instrumentation, including purpose-built mass spec benches.

In-Line and Corner

Available in both Heavy-Duty and Standard platforms, Workplace In-Line and Corner Workstations are ideal for custom designing task-specific or space-constrained configurations.

Dual-Sided Workstations

The optimum solution when you need access on both—or even all four—sides of a workstation or worktable.

Metal Colors

All Workplace metal products feature a highly durable, environmentally friendly powder-coat finish.

Other premium colors and color-matching are available, subject to additional charge and lead time.



Eight different worksurface materials and nine standard tabletop sizes satisfy virtually every task requirement.

Workplace is also happy to quote custom dimensions as needed.


Value-Added Services

A dedicated Workplace Design Specialist works with you every step of the way—from configuration and quote to installation and life-of-the-product service.

Available services include assembly and installation.


  1. 7000-14All drawers in Cabinets open 100% for full use of storage space. A 3” high base with a 2” recessed toe space assures operator
    comfort. Cabinets may be specified in two different heights and two different depths to satisfy the most discriminating demand. Drawers may be equipped with locks (keyed per your specifications) either at time of purchase or in the future.
  2. The Cabinet-to-Cabinet or Cabinet-to-Leg Frame (2) provides support for your selected worksurface, an important feature not often found with other cabinet workstations on the market.
  3. End caps (3) are provided to enclose the open ends of the 2”x2” tubular framework of the Cabinet-to-Leg Workstation.
  4. The Cabinet-to-Leg Station is equipped with a Rear Swaybrace for additional protection against lateral sway.
  5. Single Mobile Cabinets are mounted to a Mobile Cabinet Base. The 3” high Cabinet base is not utilized in this configuration.
  6. The Cabinets on a Double or Triple Cabinet Mobile unit are mounted within a pan-type base to which the Casters are mounted. The 3” Cabinet bases are utilized in this configuration.

7000-5     7000-2    7000-7      7000-9


Quick Ship

Quick-Ship does not mean “what we have on hand.” You still get all the advantages of Workplace configured to order workstations. Only faster.

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Contact a Workplace Modular Systems Design Specialist for friendly assistance with workstation configuration, information, quotes, and support.



Going Mobile

Need extra workspace? Simply move the workstation to wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

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