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Heavy-Duty Workstations

Heavy-Duty Workstation with ESD Worksurface

Ruggedness and versatility combine to make it the ideal workstation, especially in industrial environments where a workstation is subject to heavy use.

With an evenly-distributed weight capacity up to 1500 pounds, Heavy-Duty Workstations are strong and can take abuse for years.

Optional add-on accessories you can configure each Heavy-Duty Workstation for your specific needs, maximizing usability for any task or application.

Stationary Heavy-Duty Workstation

  • Full-perimeter tube frame completely supports the worksurface.
  • 2” x 2”, square 18-gauge, furniture-grade steel tubing.
  • Height adjustable, including 3/4″± adjustment range leg levelers
  • Ribbed rubber pads to prevent skidding or marring.

Mobile Heavy-Duty Workstation

  • Mobility makes equipment and materials easily accessible to multiple work areas.
  • A wide range of caster options to choose from.
  • Available Mobile Retrofit Kit to convert existing stationary workstations.

Accessories & Seating

Complement your Heavy-Duty Workstations and Benches with a wide variety of accessories and ergonomic seating to create the perfect task environment.


L-Shaped and U-Shaped Heavy-Duty Workstations

  • Adjustable work height: 30” to 37” or 35” to 42.”
  • A single leg section ties two adjoining tables together, providing a more maneuverable work area.
  • Add left and right wing units, available in 3′, 4’, 5’ or 6’ lengths.

In-Line Heavy-Duty Workstations

  • Attractive streamlined appearance.
  • An unlimited number of workstations of varying lengths may configured in-line for a long, gap-free worksurface for tasks such as cable assembly.
  • Each section of the row may be customized with accessories.

Metal Colors

All Workplace metal products feature a highly durable, environmentally friendly powder-coat finish.

Many other premium colors and color-matching are available, subject to additional charge and lead time.


A variety of worksurface materials and nine standard tabletop sizes satisfy virtually every task requirement.

But if one of them doesn’t, Workplace is happy to quote the exact dimensions needed.

Value-Added Services

A dedicated Workplace Design Specialist works with you every step of the way—from configuration and quote to installation and life-of-the-product service.

Available services include assembly and installation.


Standalone Heavy-Duty Workstations

To Order, Please Specify Model No. + Color Code + Worksurface Code + Accessories

1000SAOther Options:

  • ADDITIONAL SIZES (lengths range from 18″ to 96″)
  • Electrical options in front or rear of frame
  • Variety of work height ranges
  • Assembly options
Model No.DepthLength

Mobile Heavy-Duty Workstations with Undertable Shelf

To Order, Please Specify Model No. + Color Code + Worksurface Code + Accessories

1000MOther Options:

  • ADDITIONAL SIZES (lengths range from 18″ to 96″)
  • Electrical options in front or rear of frame
  • Variety of work height ranges
  • Caster options
  • Assembly options
Model No. with 12” ShelfModel No. with 18” ShelfDepthLength

Mobile Heavy-Duty Workstations with Swaybar

To Order, Please Specify Model No. + Color Code + Worksurface Code + Accessories


Other Options:

  • ADDITIONAL SIZES (lengths range from 18″ to 96″)
  • Electrical options in front or rear of frame
  • Variety of work height ranges
  • Assembly options
Model No. DepthLength

Configuring In-Line Rows of Heavy-Duty Workstations

10125-PThe following guidelines may be helpful in configuring in-line rows of Heavy-Duty Workstations:

  • An in-line row consists of a “Starter” table, followed by any number of “Intermediate” tables.
  • Standard sizes for both Starter and Intermediate tables are 24″, 30″, or 36″ depths x 48″, 60″, or 72″ lengths.
  • All tables in a single row must be of the same depth, but they can be of different lengths.
  • In-line rows may be as short as 2 tables, or as long as you have room for.
  • Mobile in-line rows may also be configured.
  • In-line rows may be designed with full-depth Leg Sections along entire row, or with recessed Legs in the intermediate positions, providing a full 9″ of front clearance along the length of row.  First and last Leg Sections in the row must be full-depth legs.
  • Each table in a row may be equipped with as few or as many Add-on Accessories as needed.
  • Non-standard and custom sizes are also available. However, we recommend the use of standard sizes whenever possible, to allow both present and future use of Add-On Accessories.

Configuring L-Shape or U-Shape Heavy-Duty Workstation

Please refer to the illustration of possible corner configurations during your discussion with your Design Specialist.

1000LS        LSHAPES1000

Stationary Workstation
Stationary Workstation
    1. Full perimeter tube frame of 2” square 18-gauge furniture grade tubing. Frames over 48” in length are also equipped with an additional center cross member.
    2. Adjustable height feature and micro-adjusting leg levelers allow work height range of 30” – 37.5” (other ranges available).
    3. Full length rear sway brace provides exceptional lateral stability.
    4. Rugged V-plate design increases rigidity and provides the means to firmly bolt the Leg Sections to the underside of the tube frame.
    5. Two welded horizontal cross members on Leg Sections add strength and the ability to attach under-table accessories.
    6. Mobile with Undertable Shelf

      Mobile Leg Sections with channel caster bases are adjustable in 1-1/2″ increments, within a 30″ to 37-1/2″ range of workheight (including 1″ thick worksurface).

    7. A variety of casters is available to use on the Heavy-Duty Mobile Workstation.
    8. Welded shelf under worksurface gives even greater structural integrity to the Mobile Table. Optional Swaybar (not shown)is available as a substitute for the shelf if desired.


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Quick-Ship does not mean “what we have on hand.” You still get all the advantages of Workplace configured to order workstations. Only faster.

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Going Mobile

Need extra workspace? Simply move the workstation to wherever you need it, whenever you need it.