Workplace has numerous resources to simplify your workstation design and configuration process.

1. Start with Configuration Ideas and the Downloads Library

To get started, there are hundreds of design ideas at our Configuration Ideas tool. You can find more illustrated ideas in Design Idea Brochures found at the Downloads Library .

Every Configuration Idea is numbered. Many calls to our Design Specialists begin with the customer saying, “I’m looking for something like MF-07.”

Of course if you know what you need or are replicating an existing design or workstation you already own, just skip right to Step 2 and call or contact a Workplace Design Specialist today.

Design & Configuration Ideas

2. Contact Us for Configuration Assistance.

Whether or not you have an exact idea what you need, call or contact an experienced Workplace Design Specialist, who will help refine your exact requirements.

They are backed by an experienced team of engineers and manufacturing technicians, who have designed and built a wide variety of specialized workstations.

Call or contact us today for design assistance. Or fill out the Design Worksheet and we’ll be back to you within one business day.

3. Other Design Services

Other Design Services to be listed here…


  1. Special Requirements
  2. Workspace layout
  3. Other stuff…
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