View and download workstation Design Idea brochures describing what others have used with great success.


Whether it’s for manufacturing, assembly, laboratory, education or government applications, we’ve probably designed it already.

It’s easy to visualize what workstation configurations and accessories will work best for your application by exploring our design ideas.

Just click on any of the links below to download and save the brochure as a pdf file.

The design idea brochures are organized as follows:

  • Manufacturing and Assembly:
  • Technical Labs
    • Corner Workstations for Technical Applications TD-301
  • Scientific Labs
    • General Lab Applications I LD-201
    • General Lab Applications II LD-204
    • Mobile Instrumentation Workstations LD-202
    • Modular Laboratory casework LD-203
    • Blood Banks LD-205
  • Educational and Classroom
  • Government Agencies GV-201

Remember that every idea is just a starting point with your Design Specialist. He or she will work with you to develop the exact workstation configuration you need for your task or job function.