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Workplace is committed to total customer satisfaction.

Checklist of customer satisfaction factors

The Workplace Sales and Support team is located right at our Londonderry, New Hampshire production facility.  That means that we can meet requests and solve problems that may arise right away.

Our engineering team is also available to adapt workstations to specific requirements such as fitting specialized instrumentation.

Every member of the Workplace team is dedicated to providing professional and timely service, from your initial call to shipment to assembly and installation to after-sales support.

Design Assistance.

Every project, whether it involves one workstation or many, begins with our design assistance process. Your Design Specialist will make helpful, experience-based suggestions by asking questions that help define your exact needs.

From the choice of work surface to the smallest accessory—our job is to help you make each workstation as productive and ergonomically friendly as possible.

To help get started, there are hundreds of design ideas at our Configuration Ideas tool.  Everything in the Idea Generator is numbered to make communication as simple as possible. Many calls to our Design Specialists begin with something as simple as, “I’m looking for something like MF-07.”

Or go to the Downloads Library page and check out a few Design Idea Brochures.

After Sales Support.

After your Workplace products are installed, your Design Specialist remains your single point of contact for all Workplace after-sales service and support.

These services include adding accessories and retrofitting existing installed workstations.

We’ll also help you re-configure new workspace and workstation layouts when your environment or task requirements change.

Contact Customer Support at 1-603-622-3727.

Available assembly and installation services deliver workstation productivity faster.

To conserve your shipping costs, workstations are normally shipped unassembled on plastic-wrapped pallets and/or sturdy cardboard cartons.

The Workplace Assembly Instructions manual included with each shipment contains complete instructions for assembling most workstation configurations as well as most popular accessories.

Workplace also provides several options for workstation assembly and installation. While you are configuring your workstations with your Design Specialist, be sure to ask for one of the available assembly and installation options to be added to your quote.

Workstation factory assembly

Pre-shipment assembly option

Workstations assembled at our factory are excellent choices for free-standing units that are not overly large. Depending on the quantity ordered, assembled units are usually shipped in a full-size bench box or via air-ride commercial transport.

On-site assembly and installation option

Reduce installation time and hassle by having our experienced professionals assemble and install your workstations right on your floor.