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Accelerate your workstation design and configuration process using Workplace resources.

1. Start with Configuration Ideas and the Downloads Library

To get started, there are hundreds of design ideas at our Configuration Ideas tool. And you’ll find more ideas in Design Idea Brochures in the Downloads Library .

Every Configuration Idea is numbered. Jot down the numbers you’d like to review when you speak with your Design Specialist.

Of course when you know what you need or want to replicate a workstation you already own, just skip right to Step 2 and call or contact a Workplace Design Specialist today.

Design & Configuration Ideas

2. Contact Us for Additional Configuration Services.

An experienced Workplace Design Specialist will help refine your requirements to configure exactly the workstation you need.

They are backed by our experienced team of engineers and manufacturing technicians. They’ve designed and built hundreds of specialized workstations configured to our customer’s needs.

Call or contact us today for. Or fill out the Design Worksheet and we’ll be back to you within one business day.

Configuration Services Include…

  • Meeting unique workstation requirements such as specific dimensions, power requirements, worksurface cutouts, etc.
  • Custom colors and worksurfaces.
  • Design and fabrication of ancillary items such as specialized cabinets.
  • Workspace design and layout.
Designed and built in New Hampshire