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Cabinet Workstations are ideal for tasks requiring ample storage and a large work surface. These attractive workbenches with cabinets and drawers feature generous storage for tools, instruments, files, and supplies.

Select from a wide variety of configurations, heights, depths, drawer and door combinations as well as add-on accessories.

Base Cabinet Selection Guide

Cabinet-to-Cabinet Workstations

The Cabinet-to-Cabinet Workstation provides significant drawer storage in a space-saving single unit design.

Cabinet-to-Leg Workstations

This unit is configured with a single cabinet, a leg section, and a durable full-perimeter frame to fully support the worksurface.

Accessories & Seating

Complement your Cabinet Workstations and Benches with ergonomic chairs, and a wide variety of accessories to create the perfect task environment.

In-Line & Corner Cabinet Workstations

Where floor space is at a premium an In-Line or Corner Cabinet Workstation features maximum working area and ample drawer storage.

Sink Cabinets

Choose from a wide selection of sink options labs, educational, or R&D facilities.

Specify sink and faucet size and style with your Design Specialist when configuring the unit.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Maximize the storage of lab supplies, tools, or equipment with wall-mounted and corner-mounted cabinets. Both styles feature a variety of heights and depths. Choose open, hinged, or sliding door styles in metal or tempered glass.

Banked Cabinet Workstations

The Banked-Cabinet Workstation combines ample storage capacity with an attractive appearance. Configurations may range from as few as four feet to more than fifty feet.

Mobile Cabinets

Configuring your cabinet workstation to be portable requires adding a mobile base, which provides maximum stability. Single, double, and even triple-cabinet custom mobile units are available. Specific casters may be selected based on application requirements.

Colors & Worksurfaces

A variety of available worksurface materials satisfy every task requirement.

Ten standard metal colors in durable, environmentally friendly powder-coat finish.


Quick Ship

Quick-Ship does not mean “what we have on hand.” You still get all the advantages of Workplace configured to order workstations. Only faster.

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Going Mobile

Need extra workspace? Simply move the workstation to wherever you need it, whenever you need it.