All Shelving yay be used as an adjustable Overtable Shelf (mounted to Solid Uprights; sold separately) or as an Undertable Shelf (mounted to lower crossbars of open style Leg Sections).  Please specify how Shelf will be used so that we may recommend and supply the correct mounting brackets and/or hardware.

 All shelving options feature:

  • All-metal construction; flanged 2″ on all sides.
  • Shelves are prepunched to accept optional Back & End Stops.
  • Shelves are available with or without 20-amp duplex outlets or 15-amp duplex outlets.
  • When used as an overtable shelf it may be set at a 20-degree slope with the use of specific shelf brackets and optional front stop.  Please call for more information.
  • Shelves are available in 12″ and 18″ depths to fit full and half table lengths.
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Standard shelving is available in full and half-widths. Call your Design Specialist for specific width availablity.

  • When used as an overtable shelf it may be set at a 20-degree slope with the use of specific shelf brackets and optional front stop.  Please call for more information.
Cantilever Shelf Assembly
  • Deep style shelf of all-metal construction; flanged 2″ on all sides.
  • Shelf mounts on Solid Uprights (sold separately); fits between Uprights, and extends 10″ beyond back and front of uprights.
  • Shelf may be positioned for use as a flat surface, or at an angle of up to 20 degrees at either front or back.
In-Line Cabinet Workstation with Fixed RIser Shelving
  • Equipped with enclosed inner panels to create a more finished appearance.
  • Available in 12″ and 18″ depths x 12″, 18″, or 24″ heights.
  • May be specified with 20-amp duplex outlets in front of Shelf and Risers, as shown.
  • Also available with vertical riser cutouts to accept installation of optional Powertrough.
  • Clearance under Fixed Riser Shelf is 2″ less than overall height of assembly.

Special sizes available upon request.  Please ask about Insulator Kit for use with conductive worksurface.  Full rear Safety/Privacy Shield also available.

Mobile Packing & Shipping Workstation
  • Easyto move all-metal snap-in dividers may be spaced at desired locations along length of shelf in 1-1/2″ increments.
  • Top front of Dividers and supplied end stops feature radius corners for appearance and safety.
  • Shelf available in full and half table lengths.
  • Mounts to Solid Uprights using Shelf Brackets (both sold separately).
Packing Station with Undertable Wire Dividers
  • Efficient, practical way to keep larger items organized and in check.  Perfect for storage of shipping cartons and materials.
  • Perforated shelves feature divider spacing in approximately 3″ increments.  Threaded metal (plated) dividers fasten securely with nuts on underside of shelf.
  • Available in 12″ and 18″ depths.
  • Shelf may also be set at a 20° slope.
  • Shelf system mounts to Solid Uprights with Shelf Brackets (both sold separately).
  • All-metal Backstop and tapered End Stops offer all-around protection for Tops, Risers, or Shelves.
  • Please advise how Backstop & End Stops are to be used so that appropriate brackets or mounting hardware is recommended and supplied.
  • Note: Overall height of back/end stops is 5″ before mounting; deduct thickness of worksurface (or 2″ if mounted to shelf) to determine overall height.
  • Note: Back and End Stops are Sold separately.

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