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Enhance the safety, organization, and ergonomics of your workstation or bench.

  • Increase safety and security with panels, leg boots, and corner protectors.
  • Improve operator comfort with an adjustable footrest.
  • Organize power cords and Ethernet cabling.
  • Choose from a wide array of casters for workstation mobility.

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Safety, Security, & Privacy

Workstation with various bench enhancements

A variety of solid panels is available for tool storage, communication, and privacy.

  • Metal Pegboard
  • Magnetic Whiteboard
  • Safety/Privacy
  • Corkboard
  • Solid Panel

All panels may be configured to half width.


Click tabs to view individual Solid Panel options.

Metal Pegboard

Metal Pegboard Panel

  • All-metal design fits full and half table lengths.
  • Available in 12″ and 24″ high panels, which may be tiered.
  • Mounts to Solid Uprights or Structural Riser.

Magnetic whiteboard

Magnetic Whiteboard

  • Dual-purpose magnetic whiteboard panel is useful for posting procedures, notice, checklists or multiple shift communications.
  • Panel fits full and half length tables.
  • Available in 12″ or 24″ heights.
  • Mounts to Solid Uprights or Structural Riser.

Safety/Privacy Panel Above Work Surface

  • Particularly useful when configuring back-to-back table installations.
  • Available in 12″, 18″, or 24″ heights.
  • Available in lengths to fit stand-alone units only.  For In-Line use please contact us for size and part number information.
  • Mounts to Solid Uprights or Structural Riser.

Safety/Privacy Panel Below Work Surface

  • Provides privacy at rear of workstation.
  • Panel mounts between leg sections and may be specified in lieu of sway on Standard Workstations.
  • Panel length will match length of frame.
  • Contact Design Specialist to discuss height of panel.
Corkboard panel

Corkboard Panel

  • Formed metal frame with cork panel mounts to Solid Uprights or Structural Riser.
  • Corkboard panels are made of high quality corkboard material.
  • Panels fit full and half length tables.
  • Available in 12″ or 24″ heights.

Adjustable Footrest

Adjustable Footrest

A comfortable footrest is an important ergonomic consideration for seated tasks at a workstation.

  • Ergonomically designed to move in many directions for all-day comfort.
  • Spacious 18″ x 12″ footpad is covered with non-slip ribbed rubber matting.
  • Easy to adjust left-right, back-forward, with angular adjustment of the footrest plate.
  • Available for any workstation platform with open style legs as well as Cabinet-to-Leg and Cabinet-to-Cabinet workstations.

Cord Management

  • 3″ x 3″ Cordtrough with a 2″ X 6″ center access opening that organizes cords and wires behind or below the worksurface.
  • Metal construction, powder-coat finish
  • Available in a variety of lengths for Standard, Direct Drive, or Heavy-Duty base platforms.
  • May be mounted to the frame of the workstation or beneath the unit on leg sections.

Document Holder

  • Spacious 11 x 17 holder is equipped with two spring clips.
  • Mounts to Solid Uprights (sold separately).
  • Available in #0400 Black Wrinkle Finish only.
  • Articulating Arm Extension (sold separately) provides and additional 12″ extension.
  • Mounts to Solid Uprights.

Specialty Accessories

Add finishing touches such as a lamp bracket, protective leg boots and corner protectors.

  • Leveling Casters
  • Leg Boots
  • Corner protectors
  • Mini Corner Protectors

Click tabs to view individual Specialty options.

Corner Protectors

  • For use on mobile units to protect corners, walls, and other objects during travel.
  • Corner Protectors are sold individually, and require drilling into worksurface.
  • Corner Protectors will not fit at rear corners if Solid Uprights are installed, front corners of Post-Formed work surfaces, or on Epoxy Resin work surfaces.

Leg Levelers

  • Standard leg levelers are provided with 3/4″± vertical adjustment.  Levelers are equipped with 1/2″ x 2-1/2″ thread.
  • Vibration-Absorbing Levelers are equipped with extra-thick waffled base pad to help reduce effects of vibration.
  • Lag-to-Floor levelers feature a rectangular metal base plate with pre-drilled holes to allow table to be bolted to floor.
  • Note:   Standard leg levelers are provided on all leg sections.

Mini Corner Guards

  • Mini Corner Guards are 2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″.
  • Available in 4-pack or 12-pack.
  • Mini Corner Guards are suitable for use on metal worksurface corners, and will fit many accessories such as undertable shelves, worksurfaces, drawer cases, etc.
  • Adhesive to mount guards is NOT included.

Protective Leg Boots

  • Boots protect the bottom of leg sections from being chipped or damaged.
  • Helps make floor cleaning easier by eliminating the need to clean around leg levelers.
  • Base of boot is open to eliminate interference with leveling function.
  • Boots are sold individually per leg.


Make your workstation mobile.

Choose from a wide variety of caster options: 5″ Standard or Heavy Duty Total-Lock, 3″ Standard, leveling, or ESD.

Transform stationary benches into portable workstations with additional components. Custom mobile workstations are also available.

Click tabs to view individual Caster specifications.

5″ Standard Total-Lock Caster

  • Supplied with all mobile workstations unless otherwise specified.
  • Fully lockable caster.
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs per caster.
  • P/N 2012-01

5″ Heavy Duty Total-Lock Caster

  • Extra wide wheel design.
  • Fully lockable caster.
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs per caster.
  • P/N 2000-01

3″ Standard Caster

  • 3″ diameter side lock caster.
  • Lowers worksurface by 2″ compared to standard 5″ caster.
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs per caster.
  • P/N 2003-3

Leveling Caster with Plate (Low Clearance)

  • Hand-or tool-adjustable leveling.
  • Provides low profile clearance (approximately 1/2″) when caster is retracted.
  • Lowers worksurface by 2″ compared to standard 5″ caster.
  • Working load rating: 1100 lbs per caster.
  • P/N 2012-08

 5″ ESD Total-Lock Caster

  • Fully lockable caster.
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs per caster.
  • Meets Federal Specification FF-C-88C.
  • Requires an average electrical resistance less than 250,000 ohms.
  • P/N 2012-12


Mobile Retrofit Kit

Installation of a Mobile Retrofit Kit requires removal of existing leg extenders; insertion of new caster plate assemblies; and installation of casters as well as a swaybar for Standard Workstations.

  • May be retrofitted on site to all stationary Standard and Heavy Duty Workstations unless otherwise specified.
  • Retrofit kit accepts all standard casters.
  • Will affect Stationary Workstation work height depending on caster selected.
  • Work height range based on use of existing 30″/37″ WH Leg Sections will be:
    — With 3″ Casters: 33.25″/ 40.75″
    — With 5″ Casters: 35.5″/43″

Please contact your Design Specialist for ordering information.

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