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Standard Lighting Fixture
A well-lit task area is a workstation essential. So is conveniently located electrical power for tools and instruments. And many tasks require an air supply for air-driven tools and other applications.

Powerstrip on mobile workstation

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Lighting & Light Mounting Hardware

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Adjustable Light System

  • Positions Light Fixture (order separately) over table to assure even light diffusion.
  • May be adjusted to desired height along length of Solid Uprights.
  • Extending horizontal channels allow center point of fixture to be positioned between 14″ and 27″.
  • Tilt-action feature allows operator to position light to most beneficial setting.
  • Control knobs allow for easy repositioning.
  • Tilt brackets are included with the Adjustable Light System.


Standard LED Light Fixture

  • 4000ºK light with 50,000 hour rated life.
  • Material: 22 gauge cold-rolled steel, lighting grade pre-painted white, approximately 87% reflectivity.
  • Diffuser: Clear ribbed virgin acrylic, 0.062″ thick. Made in USA.
  • Power cord: 18 gauge 3 conductor white SJT with grounded plug; 8′ in length.
  • Lamps: UL-listed line voltage coated glass LED tubes, 15 watts, 1850 lumens each.
  • Fixture available in 24″ and 48″ lengths.
  • Mounts to Adjustable Light System beneath over table shelving or to the Tool Trolley System.

High Performance LED Task Light

  • Waldmann WLA LED task light delivers superb light quality and color temperature along with extreme energy-efficiency.
  • 5000K light has 50,000 hour life.
  • 37 Watt light unit delivers 3000 Lumens.
  • Sleek and rugged anodized aluminum housing design.
  • Includes factory-installed switch and 15-amp 9′ power cord.
  • 35.4″ length provides ample lighting for workstations up to 72″.
  • Mounts to Adjustable Light System beneath over table shelving or to the Tool Trolley System.

Tilt Bracket

  • May be added for lighting requirements on over table shelving or the Tool Trolley System.
  • Control knobs allow for easy tilt adjustment.

Lamp Mounting Bracket

  • Mounts to Solid Uprights.
  • Screw-down bracket accepts lamps/magnifiers with a 1/2″ stud.


Powerstrips, Configurable Powertrough

Airtrough and Powertrough

Workplace has a wide variety of electrical and air supply utility requirements.

      • 15A and 20A Powerstrips
      • Configurable Powertrough

Electrical options include hospital-grade outlets, 208V and 220V receptacles, and custom-length specialty cords including twist-lock connectors.

Powerstrips and Powertroughs are available in many lengths, including half-sizes.

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15A or 20A Powerstrip

  • Compact 2-3/8″H x 1-3/4″D design.
  • Pre-wired with 15-amp or 20-amp/125 volt duplex outlets and combination circuit breaker, pilot light and on/off switch.
  • Includes factory-installed 9 foot power cord. Twist Lock plug style available.
  • Available in full and half table lengths.
  • Powerstrip may be mounted to Solid Uprights, on brackets, to rear or beneath unit, or within fixed height shelving.

Hospital Grade Powerstrip

  • Powerstrips may be equipped to meet hospital safety requirements, including Ground-Fault Interrupt (GFI), red heavy-duty hospital-grade outlets built for strength and durability.
Powertrough mounted on Direct Drive Workstation

Configurable Powertrough

  • Standard configured outlets are UL approved 20-amp 125-volt grounded outlets.
  • Powertrough is 4-5/8”H x 2” D. Flexible design allows for several electrical options including circuit breaker and pilot light, ground fault system or data ports.
  • Equipped with removable covers at each end, where terminal blocks are wired into the circuit. Primary entrance of power source may be made from left or right of trough.
  • An optional 9’L 20-amp power cord may be purchased. Additional lengths and Twist Lock connector may be specified.
  • Powertrough may be mounted to Solid Uprights, on brackets, to rear or beneath unit, or within fixed height shelving.

Power and Air Mounting Options

There are multiple mounting options for Powerstips and Powertroughs:

Powerstrip mounted on Solid Uprights
                 On Solid Uprights

ZPowerstrip mounted in Fixed Height Shelving
                  In Fixed Height Shelving

Powerstrip mounted on brackets
               On mounting brackets
           Underneath the work surface
Rear-mounted Powerstrip
               On rear of Workstation

Airtrough (Airline Manifold System)

  • Compact 2″D x 2-1/4″H design delivers compressed air at the work surface.
  • Equipped with industrial interchange quick connect fittings.  A quick connect nipple in rear allows fast interconnection to air supply system. An additional quick connect coupler in rear allows inline connection of multiple Airtroughs at adjacent workstations.
  • Maximum working pressure: 125 PSI (at 73°F).
  • Optional interconnect kit available for connecting workstations.
  • Mounts to Solid Uprights or with fixed height shelving.


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