A wide variety of cabinet storage solutions is available from Workplace:

  • Undertable Cabinets
  • Wall-Mounted Cabinets
  • Mobile Cabinets
  • Mobile-Mate Storage Cabinets

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Portable storage right where you need it.

Designed to fit under workstations, the Mobile-Mate Storage Cabinet is the ideal solution for extra storage.

  • Wheels right into place.
  • Practical standalone storage or work center.
  • Fits under any Workplace Workstation 30-1/2” or higher.
  • Available with the same full range of worksurface materials as our workstations.


  • Overall dimensions: 24”D x 18”W x 27-1/4”H
  • Equipped with four twin-wheel brake casters with hard tread.
  • Drawers feature ball-bearing slides and open 100% for full access to drawer space.

Storage On the Go

  • Choose from a variety of cabinet heights and depths and a wide selection of drawer height combinations.
  • All ball-bearing drawers open 100%.
  • A rugged structural inter-cabinet framework provides solid support for the worksurface.
  • Choose from a wide variety of drawer and cabinet configurations.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

  • Choose from a variety of cabinet configurations, including corner-mount.
  • Many heights and depths available
  • Hinged or sliding doors
  • Metal or tempered glass doors
  • Adjustable interior shelving
  • A rugged structural inter-cabinet framework provides solid support for the worksurface.
  • Click here to download a PDF of available cabinet configurations.

A Wide Variety of Overhead Storage

The Overhead Storage Compartment provides internal storage up to 75 pounds in three available sizes:

  • 48″L X 12.25″D X 12.5″H (P/N 7900-04)
  • 60″L X 12.25″D X 12.5″H (P/N 7900-05)
  • 36″L X 12.25″D X 12.5″H (P/N 7900-06-50)  1/2 of 72L

Unit mounts to solid uprights and has lockable door. Optional under mount light is available.

Unlimited Storage Options

Workplace features an enormous variety of drawer and storage options via its Cabinet Workstation Platform.

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Configure your Workplace workstation or workbench to fit your requirements exactly with an extensive range of add-on accessories.


How to Order

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