Whatever you need to store under the worksurface, Workplace has a shelving solution.

  • Single Undertable Shelf
  • Wire Divider Shelving

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Undertable Shelf

  • All-metal construction; flanged 2″ on all sides.
  • May be used as an adjustable Overtable Shelf (mounted to Solid Uprights; sold separately) or as an Undertable Shelf (mounted to lower crossbars of open style Leg Sections).
  • Shelves are prepunched to accept optional Back & End Stops.
  • Shelves are available with or without 20-amp duplex outlets or 15-amp duplex outlets.
  • Shelves are available in 12″ and 18″ depths to fit full and half table lengths.
Packing Table with Wire Divider Shelf System

Wire Divider Shelf System

  • Efficient, practical way to keep larger items organized and in check.  Perfect for storage of shipping cartons and materials.
  • Perforated shelves feature divider spacing in approximately 3″ increments.  Threaded metal (plated) dividers fasten securely with nuts on underside of shelf.
  • Available in 12″ and 18″ depths.
  • Shelf may also be set at a 20° slope.
  • For overtable use the Wire Divider Shelf System may also be mounted to Solid Uprights with Shelf Brackets (both sold separately).

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