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Workplace workstations, benches, and tables have one goal: enhance productivity.

Whatever the application, Workplace has already configured and supplied workstations, industrial workbenches, assembly stations, and tables that perfectly fit every task requirement.

Throughout our 60+ year history, we’ve used innovative design and superior craftsmanship to meet demanding applications with workstation solutions, including custom workbenches, that deliver great value with excellent ergonomics.

Our Configure-to-Need capabilities let you tailor workstations to fit your exact requirements.

Every Workplace workstation is custom-configured by our Design Specialists to meet your exact  requirements.

Drawing from more than 15,000 unique components, already designed, and adding more every day, our Design Specialists are able to put together a solution for even the most unique application requirements.

The result is a custom-configured workstation at the catalog price of a pre-built table. Contact us today.

Workplace Modular Systems delivers correct ergonomics.

A basic principle of ergonomics is to work in neutral—making sure there’s minimal stress for the task at hand by keeping it aligned and balanced—at a workstation, workbench, or a table—whether it’s keyboarding, assembling products, performing lab experiments, or any task requiring a horizontal worksurface.

When it comes to achieving proper range of motion for hands and arms, the “workzone” model is a useful way to organize a task area. Read more.

Workzones diagram

Designed and built in the USA.

Workplace products are made in the USA

Workplace has built its reputation for solid, well-crafted products with American-made durability ever since the late 1940’s when Aime Huard began building metal workbenches in an old New Hampshire mill. Since then, we’ve shipped hundreds of thousands of benches, tables, and workstations across North America.

Our 92,00 square feet of manufacturing, engineering, and sales remain in New Hampshire on a 15-acre site in Londonderry. Visit Us.

Our environmental commitment.

Workplace designs and builds its products with processes aimed at reducing environmental impact and increasing energy efficiency.  A few examples:

  • Durable steel frames that allow old products to be recycled easily.
  • Powder coating is more durable than paint, leaves an even finish, and produces fewer volatile organic compounds.
  • Eco-friendly worksurfaces such as stainless steel and maple are available.
  • Workplace uses energy efficient LEDs in our lighting accessories—and throughout our manufacturing plant.
Workplace Headquarters