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Highway sign with the words Ergonomics Straight Ahead

There are many formal definitions of “ergonomics” (just google it), but they all boil down to a simple statement:

“Ergonomics is properly fitting a job to the person.”

This isn’t a complicated idea. We are more comfortable when our shoes fit properly. We don’t need to think about them; we just get on with life. But if our shoes are too tight or too loose they quickly become an irritating distraction. It’s the same when a workstation doesn’t fit the person working at it.

Whether it’s on the manufacturing floor, in the lab, or in the classroom, good ergonomics is all about making the best possible fit between the human and the task being performed. A properly designed and equipped workstation is just like shoes that fit well: you don’t even notice it.

Traditional reasons for investing in ergonomically correct workstations have been to improve employee safety and reduce costs of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome, but there are four other important benefits as well:

REASON #1: Good ergonomics improves productivity.

Performing a job with correct posture, fewer motions, and easier reaches takes less effort to accomplish the task. Less effort means faster job completion and greater overall efficiency.


Electronics assembly being performed at workstations in a well lit area where table height is optimal, parts and tools are within easy reach.

REASON #2: Good ergonomics improves quality.

People who are less fatigued and frustrated do better, more accurate, and more consistent work. Whether it’s putting together a complex mechanical part, examining a sample under a microscope, or just using a computer, good ergonomics helps minimize fatigue and increase accuracy—key elements to producing high quality output.

REASON# 3: Good ergonomics improves morale.

When you’ve taken the time and effort to make sure an employee’s or student’s workspace employs proper ergonomics there’s a “spillover effect.” Even if they don’t articulate it, people realize that when you’ve taken their comfort and safety into account you value them as individuals. They return the favor with less absenteeism, better engagement, and ultimately less turnover.

REASON #4: Good ergonomics demonstrates a humane organizational culture.

An ergonomically thoughtful workspace is tangible evidence that worker health and protection is a core value of the organization. Attention to physical health indicates attention to mental and emotional health as well.

Student desks

Students using these Workplace workstations know that their educational institution is committed to creating an ergonomically friendly environment.


Increased productivity and quality. Better morale. A humane environment. These benefits are equally as important as lower costs and fewer worker comp claims.

There’s great variation among individuals as well as tasks needing to be performed. That’s why Workplace Modular Systems offers an enormous range of adjustable bench, table, and workstation designs, sizes, and accessories, which make it easy to fit the job to the person.

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